Friday, August 5, 2011

Places To Be in Europe

There are a lot of great places in Europe, all garbed with beautiful places, great people and have a whole lot of fun. You can be in Europe and enjoy its beauty and the things that it can offer.  Let us discover the great places that tourists can visit when having a break and have a vacation.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

The town was founded in 7th century and has a great history. As the years have gone, there are a lot of things that happened in Dubrovnik, together with the people that were parts of what the place have become. In the years that have passed, there are a lot of people that have become habitants of the place, Italians, Germans and Serbians.

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The place is known to be a romantic place with its canals and architecture. The place is a combination of historical and modern structures giving it a beautiful look to tourists.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin has rich history, giving the place an importance to its people and things to discover by people with interests. You will see some of the structures that have been part of the city like the Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) which is the symbol of Berlin.


Even though a small country but has a lot to offer, the known Montreux Jazz Festival of Switzerland and the lakes that made the country famous.

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