Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Zip Line Destinations of the World

We all love adventure. We engage to different types of sports to experience one of a kind thrill and excitement. There are also a lot of activities wherein we can enjoy and at the same time, have fun to the extreme. Today, a lot of people are getting hooked in trying the zip line. There are a lot of places that are famous for their zip line adventure. Now, let us discover these destinations and be thrilled with what it can offer.

World’s Steepest
WHERE: Sun City, South Africa

This zip line has is more than a mile long and can reach to a speed of 100 miles an hour, making it the world’s most fastest and the tallest zip line. It can be found in South Africa. Riders of the zip line go in pair then parted as they go.

Canopy Cruiser
Monteverde, Costa Rica

With its great rainforest, the zip line industry has opened new opportunities and new set of adventure. The zip lines are on the top of some of the country’s oldest trees, lifting the riders to a high altitude, over 200-foot from the platform. If tried on night tours, the riders can view the forest in great view, showing nocturnal creatures.

Big Island Breezer
North Kohala, Hawaii

The zip line offered a great view of the Kohala’s northern coastline, the Hawaii’s natural reserves. Riding the zip line can offer a relaxing view of endless mosses, crystal-blue water full of tropical fish, and ohia lehuas, indigenous trees with large, twisting branches and red blossoms.

Mountain Climber
Salida, Colorado  

In Colorado, riders can view the sweeping vistas of the high desert and open canyon. You can see bald eagles, bighorn sheep, and bears that are local residents of canyons while riding a  2000 feet above aboard six different zip lines.

The Great Zip  
Simatai, China

In China, riding the zip line will give you a great view of the Great Wall of China which is the famous landmark of the country, dating back 221 BC in creation. It winds up and down, seeing the grasslands and plateaus and passing through deserts.;u=4617;sa=summary;area=summary;u=44264;sa=summary;area=summary;u=6828;u=16335;sa=summary

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