Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing Temples of the World

Temples have been the home of different cultures and traditions. It speaks of how the people of before have been and what they have believed. There are a lot of great temples that shows that life of the people in the past and continue to stand out amidst time and other factors. Let us take a bit of what are the amazing temples ever built in the world.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery


The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is on the edge of a 3,000-feet-high cliff in Paro Valley, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan. The monastery which is formally known as Taktshang Goemba was built in the year 1692 and was reconstructed in the year 1998 after a fire. Now, it is used primarily for practicing Buddhists on religious retreat and not for tourists on visit.

Wat Rong Khun


Found in Chiang, Thailand. It is a Buddhist temple with all-white, ornate structure gilded in mosaic mirror. It is the work of the renowned artist Chalermchai Kositpipat. Although the temple is still under construction but the beauty of the temple is great. The artist hopes that it can equate the beauty of the famous Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, Spain.



It is a Hindu temple found in Central Java, Indonesia. It is known that the temple was built in 980 CE and has 8 main shrines and 250 smaller ones. The walls of the temple is covered with exquisite bas relief carvings narrating the adventure of the Monkey King, the Vishnu’s incarnations.

Shwedagon Pagoda


Found in Myanmar and is famous for the spire of the stupa or dome is covered with over 5,000 diamonds and 2,000 rubies. The temple housed one of the holiest relics in Buddhism, the eigth strands of Buddha’s hair.;u=24753;sa=summary;u=225485;sa=summary;area=summary;u=48763;u=211108;sa=summary;u=68128;sa=summary;u=43040;sa=summary;area=summary;u=5579;u=24753;sa=summary;u=225485;sa=summary;area=summary;u=48763;u=211108;sa=summary;u=68128;sa=summary;u=43040;sa=summary;area=summary;u=5579

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